The Keurig Coffee Maker for the Office

If you are in the market for a new coffee maker for your office, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking a moment to check out the Keurig coffee maker. The Keurig uses a K-cup self-contained coffee cups that keeps coffee fresh and is fast and easy to use. The one use K-cup is a fantastic way to make a single serving of coffee in the office. It is fast and easy to use. As you already know, the right coffee maker can really make a person’s day. It is because of this that you owe it to yourself to only get the best. Of course, you still want to make sure that you are doing a little research on the Keurig coffee maker so that you may know all of the good and the bad, if there are any.

One nice thing I’ve found is that I can reuse the K-cups and make every cup of coffee cost a lot less. The Keurig K-cups cost about fifty to sixty cents each but I can cut that in half using the My-Kap caps and washed out K-cups. This isn’t for everyone and certainly not for every office environment.


The Keurig coffee maker is extremely easy to use. Basically, it would almost be impossible to not make the perfect cup of coffee. Also, this coffee machine is extremely quick at making coffee. It can brew a cup of coffee in 10 seconds and then move right on to making some hot chocolate for the kids.

Another great thing about the Keurig coffee maker is that it is incredibly easy to clean. Honestly, it only takes a minute or two. Not sure when to clean it? The machine will let you know when it is in need of a good cleaning!


Okay, on to the cons. Even though it only takes about 10 seconds to actually brew the cup of coffee, if you forget to set the machine to turn on in the morning when you want it to, you might have to wait a minute or so before it starts to brew. Oh know, you’ll have to wait a minute. Also, some people have complained that there are actually too many different cups of coffee to pick from – that it can be a little time consuming. All right, some people might consider the extra-large variety to be a pro. The k-cups can get expensive, about fifty to sixty cents a cup. You can use a reusable cup or use caps for the K-cups to cut the price of each K-cup serving almost in half.