What is an Active Extension Cable

A USB active extension cable comes in handy, period. It will permit you to extend your other USB cables actively, which means that you can see to it that your USB powered devices and also equipment will perform in the most efficient manner possible. These extension cables are going to offer you a great signal quality while still sticking to the USB 2.0 timing as well as electrical specs.

You probably know what USB ports are located all over the places: from your video gaming systems to your desktop and notebook computers to even your set top boxes. Of course, USB cord lengths are naturally going to be limited in some way, shape or form, which is why your extension cable is going to come in handy. Due to the limitations of the USB cord lengths, you and your equipment are going to be stuck in just one, restrictive area, thus depriving you of your ability to get the most from your equipment. To get true functionality and also performance from your USB devices, you have to look for said extension cables or else face having to deal with a very limited use of your equipment.

On the market these days, you can safely look to two, different kinds of these USB cables: an active one and a passive one. The difference between these two is that the active USB cable buffers your USB signals that venture in and out the extension cables, while the passive ones (hence, its name!) does not. In fact, the passive extension cables are those that have a bad reputation for resulting in a multitude of signaling errors!

When you are in the market for a USB extension cable, you need to get the one for active cables. Then, you can enjoy a more liberal range of use for your different USB devices.