LINDY USB Adapter Makes Adding Monitors Fast and Easy

Lindy USA, a supplier of cables, adapters, and USB security for computer, networking and audio video applications announced a new USB to DVI Adapter. This adapter enables users to connect an additional monitor to their PC or notebook via USB in record time. Faster than getting a graphics card out of its box, this adapter makes short work of facilitating multi-screen presentations, providing a wider screen area for palettes and tools and enabling users to multi-task more efficiently by eliminating the need for overlapping windows.

The LINDY USB to DVI Adapter supports both VGA and DVI-D connections giving added versatility for users to connect a wide range of monitors, LCDs or projectors to a computer’s USB 2.0 port. Bus powered, up to six adapters can be connected to one PC and it can also be used to extend or mirror a Windows desktop.

Opening up the PC just to install a graphics card can be too much hassle for the average PC user and certainly not an option for laptop or netbook users. Our latest adapter makes it easy and fast for users to benefit from an extra display and compact enough to carry around.

Capable of supporting high resolutions up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) and 1080p when streaming video, this compact adapter allows users to add or remove monitors without requiring a system reboot. In addition, monitors will also easily resume from hibernation and suspend modes.