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Unraveling the Mysteries Behind Good SEO

Search engine algorithms advance more and more each day as engineers devise increasingly complex ways to provide the best search results. While that’s great for the consumer, it means that SEO specialists really need to know what they’re doing if they hope to achieve their goals. A wide variety of strategies and techniques must be used, and this takes time and effort.

Understanding Search Engines

It may help to understand how search engines work. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are all competing to provide the best search results. Each one has developed complex algorithms designed to provide the most relevant results to each query. To do this, the search engine’s algorithm has to weed out any results that are irrelevant or spam sites.

Once upon a time, site owners were able to “crack” the algorithm code by stuffing their pages with keywords and key phrases – and that meant that plenty of sites showed up in search results that had little or nothing to do with the query. Nowadays, however, sites like this are recognized immediately by the search engines. Continue reading

Google Cuts 4,000 Jobs

Google cut 4000 jobs from it’s Motorola unit. I guess profit comes way before people.

If you didn’t know, Google is a search engine. I guess some people don’t know according to a conversation I just had. I bet every internet marketing person knows about them. Funny how my conversion went though, ok, what is internet marketing? Sorry bud, not enough time today, got to run.

Work At Home Internet Business – The Dos and Don’ts

Work At Home Internet Business – The Dos and Don’ts
Many Americans are looking to use the internet to supplement their income. A work at home internet business is convenient. It can also allow you to supplement your income from the convenience of your home. The convenience of an internet business is especially useful for budding […]

3 Super Powered Ways to Drive Traffic to Any Website in Any Niche

3 Super Powered Ways to Drive Traffic to Any Website in Any Niche
Most burgeoning internet marketers are expecting to learn shortcuts and secrets to a profitable online business.
There’s no doubt that there are overnight successes in this business but they are not the norm. Most of us have worked long and hard to build our […]